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Alright who loves Valentine’s Day????

So here’s a secret, I have never celebrated it before.. That’s right I said it. Is anyone else with me? Let’s be honest it’s a made up day, where everything triples in price for no good reason. Shouldn’t love be apart of your everyday life? Why do we need to have a designated day? Now having said all that… it sure is pretty to take pictures of. Ha. I love me a good crave cupcake too. So if Valentine’s is your jam I hope you get spoiled rotten… XOXOXX


Target you have my heart ❤️

I am making a list of all the target essentials I need to purchase next week on my one day trip in and out of Montana. I am heading in with a client to pick up a couch (wait for that post. 😳) So of course it requires a mandatory stop off. I was just at a Target last week and it failed us big time. So I ordered ahead this time and had it sent. Above is a few of my items!!!

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Santa Monica here we come!

Going some where? 

Do you have a favorite outfit that is your go to when traveling? I sure do. It has to be comfy, breathable and layers are a must. I swear sometimes the plan is freezing, other times it’s a sauna. Come prepared is my biggest tip. My trip to Santa Monica was amazing. I get to work with a company on a mission and a bunch of ladies that won’t srop until it happens. It makes my cup flow over. Xoxox

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The Nordstrom Sale!

It’s that time of year again.. Only this time they did it a little different, they allowed for early access to card holders. I just happen to be one so I took advantage of it. The store wasn’t too crazy which was lovely and my stylist had everything ready. Honestly if you are not shopping at Nordstrom you need to. I called ahead, told them what I was looking for and my dressing room was all set when I got there. You feel like a million bucks and trust me, I was not spending a million bucks. I am going to post below a few of my fav’s. Hockey moms out there these are for you. I am always so cold… so sweaters it is for the fall. Oh and they need to be comfy of course. So I am no fashion blogger and it’s actually a little more time consuming linking all the items to their website then I want to spend. So if you are wondering what an item is message me. I would be happy to let you know.

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Fish Taco’s Trailer Style!

When glamping takes on a whole new meaning. I love this combo cause it’s simple and fast. It’s tastes like you have slaved away for hours. Now let’s go easy on the judging of the photos. It is sure no styled shoot, but I think you get the point.

The mix is from Planet Organic. Less sodium. Thank you very much. The sauce and the shells were gluten free, so it’s a win win!!!


The slaw

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