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A little visual inspiration!

I hope you are enjoying your summer so far. I thought everyone could use a little Monday morning inspiration. This project was completed my husbands company Crafted Edge Homes. Which I am happy to say was on time and on budget, he didn’t pay me to say that either 🙂 The designer who saw this vision to light was Leslie Mannix. I had the pleasure of working with this super talented designer a few years ago, and I learnt soooo much.

Sit back and be inspired!

~Crafted Edge Homes

~Interior Design – Leslie Mannix

~Kitchen cabinets – Prestige Custom Millwork

~Millwork cabinet – Diamond Millwork

~Flooring – Mint Flooring

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Reverse Shampooing | Calgary lifestyle Photographer

Two words …… reverse shampooing. Are you doing it????? If not you should. Well what is it you ask? It’s the opposite of what you are doing now I can assure you of that.

First step.

Take your conditioner and apply to the ends of your hair. I typically go up 3/4 of the way not touching the crown of my head.

Then leave it in for at least 5 minutes. Insert leg shaving, body cleaning …. You get the point.

Next…… Take you shampoo and now apply to the scalp and the crown and clean as you normally would. (Leaving the part that is conditioned at first)

I leave that for a couple of minutes.

Then I start to rinse out. I typically will touch the conditioned part towards the end.

The result is CLEANER softer hair. You have conditioned your hair but not left the heavy build-up on it.


Side note….. I have been doing this on my daughter’s hair as well. It has never been softer.



Clean Crisp Interiors | Calgary Interior Designer

I loved being apart of this renovation. The client knew what she wanted right of the start and we worked together to make that a reality. This really is a no fuss space. Back to the basics that work perfect for her. From the shelving to the appliances everything is on point! Thank you to all the trades and suppliers we work with and to Crafted Edge for having me work on this project!

Renovator – Crafted Edge Homes –

Cabinets -Prestige Custom Millwork –

Lighting – Carrington Lighting

Designer – Dawn Stringer – On a wire photographer & Design

Flooring/Tile – Hawthorn Interiors –

Photography – On a wire photography & Design




At home Session | Calgary Family Photographer

A session doesn’t need to be fancy. It doesn’t require outfits, hair or makeup, all it requires is you. We shot this session as a live series I was doing for Facebook. It was to show how easy it was. This session lasted probably 20 mins, but look what can happen in 20 mins! XOXOXO


Tell the story | Calgary Family Photographer

Photography is all about telling the story and capturing a moment in time. It’s the story part that really moves me, which is why I love shooting maternity through to newborn sessions. It is the ultimate reward to see the family expand. (just like it’s the ultimate reward to get that baby out of mommy’s belly 🙂 ) I have had the pleasure of capturing the growing Finch family twice now, First Harriet and now George! I’m a little behind cause George is now almost 8 months old. Time flies but these pictures are forever! XOXOX


PSSST – I have now changed my collections to include a maternity session. That’s right every newborn shoot book includes the maternity session!