How to take a better photo with your iPhone | Calgary Family Photographer

I never go anywhere without my phone…. You probably don’t either. So of course it’s the first thing that comes out when I want to snap a photo of my kids. Honestly it sometimes trumps my “mother camera” too. Lately it has become my mission to take a better photo with said phone. Here are a few tips to help you too…..

tip one


HDR is short for high density range and is an internal software that can help right off the bat. In HDR mode the phone will take a series of photos a different exposures and then combine them to create a single photo. This can be turned on at the top of the screen when you go to take the photo. This mode will make sure you get the best results.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

tip two

Zoom in but not using the digital zoom

Every time you zoom in you will lower the resolution of the image. Instead just get closer to your subject to get a full resolution photo.


tip three

Adjust the brightness with the exposure slider.

Your iPhone will let you adjust the brightness before you actually take the snap. Simply tap the screen to focus and bring up the exposure slider and then slide up and down to adjust as needed.


I wanted the sun flare in this photo so I had to use the slider and adjust the sun before I took the shot.

tip four


Don’t just point and shoot. Look for a different angle. If your taking photos of your kids get down to their level. Don’t just shoot from above them. I always use the rule of thirds (perhaps to much) but it makes for a more interesting shot. I rarely put the subject in the middle. Use the grid on your phone as a guide.


As I post this photo I realize that yes I did shoot it from above and they are cantered  so I did break both suggestions. I think you get it though because this is not a regular shot!

tip five


I know this one seems obvious but the more light the better. Natural light is the cats meow. Go infront of the window!


final tip

Post processing always works wonders. I always add a touch to my photos. BUT do NOT over process. There are soooo many filters to chose from, pick one but pick it based on the most natural to the photo. These are my favorites. I use PicTapGo for the 80% of my processing. VSCO is the other one I use. Yes both cost a little but it’s well worth it.

ADD on note…….. I only use my camera from the phone  I do not use an ap. It really doesn’t need it if you follow the above. Happy Shooting. Xoxoxo