IKEA Hackers!!! | Calgary Interior Designer

Lets be honest IKEA is cheap and often it looks that way too. During a recent design job I needed to get creative with staying with-in the budget so I googled Ikea. Was I ever shocked to find there was a whole world of IKEA hackers out there busy creating amazing upgrades to the typical! Creating a more current version of a staple IKEA piece. Oh did mention GOLD was used! They had me at gold…… Below are some hacks that thought were current and super delicious.

We have all seen (and probably own) the large chocolate brown large mirror. I love this new spin on it. DIY details can be found here- savvymom2mom/2015/12/IKEA-mirror-hack.html


This next one gives Restoration Hardware a run for their money. Easily achieved through this link



WHAT furry stool!!! Yes please! Www.thekitchykitchen.com/delicious-living/did-furry-stools/


I think these light solutions are a great alternative to table lamps. The individual bulb look is so current right now, why not jazz it up.



And last but not least the GOLD tables!!!!!!


What’s your favourite? And have you tried any of these before? I’d love to hear from you.