Reverse Shampooing | Calgary lifestyle Photographer

Two words …… reverse shampooing. Are you doing it????? If not you should. Well what is it you ask? It’s the opposite of what you are doing now I can assure you of that.

First step.

Take your conditioner and apply to the ends of your hair. I typically go up 3/4 of the way not touching the crown of my head.

Then leave it in for at least 5 minutes. Insert leg shaving, body cleaning …. You get the point.

Next…… Take you shampoo and now apply to the scalp and the crown and clean as you normally would. (Leaving the part that is conditioned at first)

I leave that for a couple of minutes.

Then I start to rinse out. I typically will touch the conditioned part towards the end.

The result is CLEANER softer hair. You have conditioned your hair but not left the heavy build-up on it.


Side note….. I have been doing this on my daughter’s hair as well. It has never been softer.