The making of a BEAUTIFUL space | Calgary Interior Designer

Every beautiful space must start with inspiration…. Lately I always start with Pinterest. If your not on there…. well you have no hope. Just kidding… But seriously. Houzz is another great place to start when looking to pull a space together. Below is an example of how I start my vision. All images are taken from Pinterest.
inspiration_edited-1¬†Notice how there are similarities. If you pull all of your images together and you notice there is no cohesiveness, you need to go back to the drawing board. Really take a look a what you like for each image. Is it the modern furniture or the natural items you added, if it is then start there. In the above image you can see that neutrals were constant, the light oak wood was constant and a retro vibe was constant. From there you need to head out and go shopping. YOU MUST bring your inspiration pieces ¬†with you. You can not expect to remember once you are out looking around. As well it’s much easier to ask for help when you can show them what you are looking for. Part two I will dive into exactly what I do when I head out shopping so stay tuned.
ON-line shopping is amazing but I do caution you regarding large token items…. Like a sofa, not every sofa is comfy, so buyer be ware. I typically will source the larger items and then head to the store to see if they actually have them. The bum test is defiantly worth your time. Below is an example of how you can pull on line shopping together!


Neutral 2