The Nordstrom Sale!

It’s that time of year again.. Only this time they did it a little different, they allowed for early access to card holders. I just happen to be one so I took advantage of it. The store wasn’t too crazy which was lovely and my stylist had everything ready. Honestly if you are not shopping at Nordstrom you need to. I called ahead, told them what I was looking for and my dressing room was all set when I got there. You feel like a million bucks and trust me, I was not spending a million bucks. I am going to post below a few of my fav’s. Hockey moms out there these are for you. I am always so cold… so sweaters it is for the fall. Oh and they need to be comfy of course. So I am no fashion blogger and it’s actually a little more time consuming linking all the items to their website then I want to spend. So if you are wondering what an item is message me. I would be happy to let you know.

The Zella leggings are the Moto high waisted… love at first site

The Jeans are Rag & Bone – Also high waisted. Can I get an AMEN to high Waisted

The Sweaters are Leith and Caslon as well as BP

Hope that helps a little. Before I forget to mention, the deals are AWESOME!! The leggings for example are $55.00. I normally pay $102 at LuLu. Sooo that’s a bargin in my eyes.

Happy Shopping