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I never thought that I would align with just one beauty brand. No way, my makeup drawer was full with all sorts of brands. But then one fateful day I attended a pop-up that forever changed the way I looked at the beauty industry. The old saying, "When you know better, you do better" and that is exactly how that night resonated with me. I went home and chucked everything in my drawers out. My hubby thought I was having a mid life crisis. But for me, why as a family would we continue to put products on that are not good for us. Our skin is our largest organ and I had know idea that chemicals could effect us the way they can. After doing a bunch of research I decided to join the movement, having never tried a product. Crazy right??? Well turns out it was the best leap of faith I could have ever taken. I want to share with you below my top 4 reasons WHY I joined Beautycounter. I truly hope you consider linking arms with me.


It is not a gross MLM

Nope it is not. In fact Beautycounter is a direct retail brand. Products can be sold direct from the website, from a store (We have a few flag ship stores) and through partnerships. That is not traditional MLM. You can also bring in an income without relying on a downline to sell a single penny. Yes you can make more if you have a team but it is not required. Which brings me to my next point, EVERY COMPANY HAS CEO's, we all report to someone. It can be corporate or it can be an up-line, ultimately someone is going to make a profit off of your sales. That's the point of business. End of story!


Community is key!

I have worked with other companies in the past but nothing compares to this amazing community of women ( And some men) Being an entrepreneur can be lonely, but when you have a community on your side, everything is better. Regardless of what organization you fall under, these amazing ladies are always there to help you, share information and are excited when you succeed. This is huge for when times are good and for when times get tough. I know this sounds so car salesmen like but this is a huge feature of a good biz. I have built amazing long lasting relationships!


You might as well get a discount!

You wash your hair right, use body wash? Yup well you are buying it anyways so you might as well get 25% off. If you decide to sell even just to family and friends your discount can actually go all the way to 35%. Also might I mention all you products can be a business write off as well. Win Win. I will also mention that Beautycounter is high performing products for not just you but for the entire family!!!!


Join the Movement and stand for something!

When you join Beautycounter, you get to stand for something. That something is that safer products should be available to everyone. The world didn’t need another beauty brand. They needed a company that would disrupt the industry. A brand that would hold 1000’s of meeting with parliament and lobby for change. What company do you know that actually wants regulations in their industry? You can be apart of something bigger then yourself and change the beauty industry. You can be apart of the legacy.



As the leader in the clean beauty movement, Beautycounter pride it's self on caring about every single ingredient that goes into our products. Jojoba, green tea, avocado, apricot, beeswax—you’ll find many naturally derived ingredients in the #betterbeauty supply, as well as carefully crafted safer synthetics. They have even gone so far as to ban 1,500 ingredients that are known to be potentially harmful or questionable - this is called this The Never List™.

But it doesn’t end there: they also care about the impact our products have on the environment. Bottom line: our packaging has high standards, too.



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