How to keep yourself from feeling lonely as an entrepreneur

Todays Friday finds steamed from trying to find ways to not feel so lonely this fall. This work at home gig has pretty great positives but one bummer is the fact that you can go a week without talking to anyone and living in your workout gear is a real thing. So I have promised myself to schedule time to stay social and not fall into old habits. Here’s how,

Taking Care of you!

You need to put you first!!!!! I can not stress this enough. Taking that extra hour in the morning. Getting up, getting ready, going for a workout, coming back, and actually getting out of my pj’s.  I fell into a huge cycle. Last spring (okay it was the longest winter ever) But I wasn’t doing any of it. So not only was I moody, I gained weight and didn’t even eat well. Schedule it in! And don’t fail on you. If you don’t bail on your friends why do you bail on you? Make it a priority… okay I think you get that one 🙂

Getting social

If you are being invited by girlfriends, or friends, or couples, GO OUT and do those events. Don’t just bail on them because you’re being lazy or tired. If you have kids I know they matter but so does your social life. So either go out with girlfriend for wine night or the guys for beer. Bt just make sure you are going out. EVEN date night counts. Get out with your spouse. These events keep your mind and heart happy and can do a world of good.


Meeting like minded biz people is key. If you have business that complement each other do a collaboration together. Not only will it keep you social but it will help expand your network. Tapping into their following helps with yours. Also meeting their network also allows you to meet new people. I love going for lunch dates and my date brings another like minded plus one. Your never to old or to busy to meet new people!

Shared Office

I love, love, love, love, all of the joint offices that are popping up. These are great. Even if you schedule in one time a week for an hour, or two. Instead of going to a coffee shop where you may not make conversation because the people are always changing. The office space allows you set a routine and perhaps start to see and meet regulars! You can become a member, use their board rooms and work stations. There are just so many good things that can come of these work spaces. AGAIN… you wont be alone all the time!!!!


GET out and volunteer in the community. Again, if you’re working these things into your schedule, they won’t feel so overwhelming. If you are volunteering, find something that’s actually in your profession. One of the things that I’ve always wanted to do, is volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. But I just haven’t had enough time to do it because I haven’t scheduled it in. So in the fall I’m totally going to see what I can do to help out with Habitat for Humanity, Interior Design is my background so I am hoping I can some how be helpful!

Overall if you have a positive mind set and stick to some sort of routine your lonely self will thank you. I think it’s also important to check in with yourself and be honest, lonely is a real thing as an entrepreneur. What do you do to stay active????



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